July 10, 2024 - Washington, DC

A Night Celebrating the Special Relationship between the US and Israel

A bipartisan, interfaith, and grassroots celebration showcasing and strengthening the unique bond between the State of Israel and the United States of America

Stand with Israel

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"Never Again Is Now!"


Israel Appreciation Day is a powerful demonstration of support for Israel, highlighting its shared values with America, its crucial role as the only democracy and the United States' only steadfast ally in the Middle East, and its many important contributions to the world.

Israel Appreciation Day is a carefully curated event highlighting the deep and enduring ties between Israel and the United States. It is a celebration of shared values, including a commitment to democracy, freedom, and human rights. Israeli values are American values.

Streamed worldwide, the event will be an opportunity for Americans and the world to hear from a wide spectrum of voices from religious, political, and entertainment leaders on why the continued support of Israel is vital to not only the United States and the Middle East but the entire World.

Israel Appreciation Day is more than just a celebration of the special relationship between Israel and the United States. It is a powerful statement of support for Israel and a reaffirmation of the shared values and interests that bind the two nations together. Through this event, participants are encouraged to speak out in support of Israel.

In an increasingly complex and challenging world, Israel serves as a beacon of stability and democracy in the Middle East, and a key partner in advancing our shared interests and values.

A Journey of Trial and Triumph

Trials of Conflict and Resilience

Triumphs of Innovation and Peace

Establishment of Israel

Arab-Israeli War
National Water Carrier Project

Six-Day War
First Israeli Satellite

Yom Kippur War

Lebanon War
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Second Intifada
Introduction of Iron Dome

Lebanon War
Operation Cast Lead
Israel's Technological Boom

Gaza Conflict
Abraham Accords

Israel-Hamas Conflict

October 7th Massacre

The U.S.-Israel alliance is not just a testament to shared values and mutual interests; it's a cornerstone for a more secure and prosperous future, urging us to champion and deepen this unwavering friendship for generations to come.

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